Tinder – thoughts and frustrations


I’m on tinder, I’ll admit it.

On the whole I think its a good way to meet new people, as I’m not the type to go up to some random person in a bar and be like “grab you’re coat, you’ve pulled!” So yeah, tinder is good in the sense that its less embarrassing for us.

As much as I love it, there are a couple of frustrations I have with it.

1. The men who start a conversation with just “hi” or “hey”. Like come on, stimulate me from the beginning. Give me something to work with, compliment me. I’m less likely to reply if I feel we’re going to do the “hey how are you?” dance.

2. Its going to sound obvious, but please, can we not sext the first time you message me? I’m never going to want to go on a date with you if I feel you’re only about the booty, or foof.

3. You know the conversation is going well when you’ve moved from the tinder chat to whatsapp, however the conversation seems to die suddenly. Its like, on tinder they want to know anything and everything about you, and then when you transfer to whatsapp the effort you felt they had put in before disappears.

5. Bringing out my inner Vix Meldrew, but oh my days, when you’ve matched with the most beautiful guy ever and he’s boring as hell.

6. This will irritate so many of us but people who “tlk lyk dis”. Hahaha, thats probably to the extreme but I still, make the effort a little, Jesus!

7. Being super liked is always a great feeling! Someones seen you and thought “I need her to know I like her!”, but I’ve found myself looking at their profile trying to find something I like about them so I can match with them – whether its their picture or their profile!

8. Or even, someone has super liked you and you find them attractive too. You’re excited about this one. And then… no decent conversation, no effort made and you’re thinking… was I dreaming that you super liked me?

9. You’ve just swiped right on the most beautiful, gorgeous looking man in the whole world. And firstly you’re disappointed that you haven’t matched straight away. And then you cant stop thinking about his tinder picture, but the match never comes. Proper gutted.

10. Although I sometimes hate tinder, and have found myself deleting the app. I always am drawn back to the tinder world. And well.. its not all bad.

Whats your take on tinder?


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