Why do we Watch Reality TV?


I’m so thankful that I haven’t been sucked into the reality TV phenomenon. I’ve seen the odd few episodes of Geordie Shore but thats probably about it when it comes to reality TV. Thank God!

I just can’t get my head around what makes reality TV producers think that what they show on TV is right? The fact that most the ‘characters’ in The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) and Geordie Shore glamorise vulgarity and materialism makes me feel sick. What makes them think that promoting gossiping, bitchiness, cheating and excessive drinking of alcohol is okay? It really does make me feel sick that this is what teenagers are growing up to believe is the ‘done thing’.

A conversation at work got me thinking on this subject. I’d spoken to a customer about how I was going on a date with a lovely, sweet gentleman (which is now my boyfriend, eeek!) and from this we got into the topic of bad role models and how reality TV is one of the main causes of it.

Reality TV Promotes:

Men grow up thinking that they can talk down to women.

Men grow up thinking that cheating is ok and its more about ‘how many birds you can pull in one night’.

Men grow up learning how to treat women with disrespect. 

Women grow up to think that its ok to be pushed around by men.

Women grow up thinking that appearance is more important than whats inside.

Women grow up thinking that ‘as long as you get an expensive necklace out of it’ its ok.

This should not be the case!

These should not be standards that we should be allowing people my age, teenagers and our kids to grow up into. I am not naive enough to think that everything on TV should be fairies and angels, but I do think that we should think about what we show to our kids and more so, teenagers, on TV.

Whats your opinion? Whats your thoughts on reality TV and their involvement in todays society?


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