The new, healthy me!


Its valentines day today, and my life has resorted to people sending me roses, wine and chocolate emojis on this special day. Happy Valentines day, you loved up bastards! Becoming recently single has made me think more about whats important for me and I’m happily doing the whole ‘working on me’ and ‘finding myself’ sorta stuff!

One of the ways I’ve started to work on myself has been to work on my health. Being in relationships have always given you that comfort blanket and you tend to forget about the most important thing in your life, which is your health. I’ve constantly tried to diet, ever since I was 16, but I was never motivated enough to stick to them or they were always too hard and end up binging a few days afterwards. So I took the plunge and nervously joined Slimming World!

Its been nearly a month, I’m constantly feeling full and I’ve lost the total of 10.5lbs so far. I’m used to wanting the weight to fall off super quick, but I’ve learnt now ‘slow and steady wins the race’, its my new motto! (Whats a motto? Whats a motto with you!.. sorry, watched too much lion king recently it seems!)

Instagram is a blessing for slimming world, you have such a motivational and supportive family that will push you the whole way there. Here are just a couple of meals that I’ve enjoyed eating with slimming world!

Chicken Ramen Noodles

chicken noodle ramen

English Breakfast

fry up

Chicken and Egg Salad

chicken salad1

 Spaghetti Carbonara

spaghetti carbonara1

Yoghurt and Fruit


Pizza Topped Chicken

pizza chicken

Thai Green Curry (mostly veg it seems!)

thai green curry

And finally.. I can still eat Monster Munch!

monster munch

Anyone who knows me, know me adoration for monster munch, so I’m happy I can still lose weight while enjoying the luxuries in life! I’ve also been chosen to do the ‘Slim Gym Challenge‘ with a charity  on my hometown called ‘The Shakespeare Hospice’ – I’ve basically been chosen to go to a local gym, Fighting for Fitness, and I’ll be working for 12 weeks to help lose me some weight while also raising money for the charity.

Hope all is well, and happy valentines guys!


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