Henry Holland ‘Wearable Payment Rings’

 Wearable Technology‘. I used to think it was a good idea when Holly spoke to me about it at work a year ago but thats all I thought about it at the time.. a great idea.. the samsung watches had already been around for a while but even so I didn’t think ‘wearable technology’ would take off so quickly. Turns out, I’m the one thats behind and we have front row seats to ‘wearable technology’ coming into the fashion world right now, already. In class, the other week, I learnt about Henry Holland and his ‘world first shoppable catwalk’.

Back on the 19th September at London Fashion Week (LFW) Henry Holland and Visa connected together to create a ring to allow front row guests to be able to make a purchase from the collection as it was being strutted down the catwalk. This ring was created purely for this event, and as soon as they had made the payment with the ring the item they wanted was bagged up ready for them before they left. It may have only been available for the show but you can see how ‘wearable technology’ is changing within the fashion industry.


Designs for the tech rings

Overall, this is just a small thing that I had learnt about, and I know there is so much coming forward in the ‘wearable technology’ world, and I’m so excited to see the future involving this. It seems like such a massive step forward for us.

Is there anything coming forward in wearable technology which you are interested in? I’d love to know!

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