The new, healthy me!

Its valentines day today, and my life has resorted to people sending me roses, wine and chocolate emojis on this special day. Happy Valentines day, you loved up bastards! Becoming recently single has made me think more about whats important for me and I’m happily doing the whole ‘working on me’ and ‘finding myself’ sorta stuff! One of the ways I’ve started to work on myself has… View Post

My Bedroom Decor Plan

I have recently been moved into the smallest room, which I honestly don’t mind, its just a shame that the colour of the room is bad enough to make me want to heave. Its green. Its not even a nice, sweet and pretty green.. its a GHASTLY green and what makes it even worse is the bed covers are also green. The only thing I can… View Post

My brother got engaged!

The 21st of November 2015 was the night I found out that I have way more emotions than I thought I did. This was the night that my older brother, Tom, proposed to his girlfriend, Laura. Tom wanted to recreate their special moment when they went to Prague a few Christmas’s ago – her side of the family lent my brother their Christmas lights, Christmas tree and Christmas… View Post