Its Friday round up time! Its been a hell of a week for me. I started a new job. I got offered another job. I had to make a decision about whats best for me. I started a job in a salon as a hostess. Everyone was lovely, they even cut my hair on thursday for free. The pay was great! It just weren’t fashion,… View Post

20 random facts about me

I thought I’d do the cliche ‘Facts about me’ post, just incase you wanted to get to know me. You probably didn’t, but heres the facts anyway… The Facts 1. My first and second name is Katie Louisa, hence Kat-Lou 2. I’m twenty two years old 3. I’ve just been offered a job to work at New Look 4. I’m looking to study Fashion Promotion at… View Post

The ‘Plus Size’ Movement

Its taken me a while to get back into the swing of my life again, but I thought I’d go through all the fashion news today, and there was a couple of articles that really caught my eye. There were two articles from yesterday (15th February 2016) both stating big news in the ‘plus size’ fashion world (theres something about the word ‘plus size’ which… View Post