New Mid-Year Resolutions & Goals


OH MA GOD, Katies back! You’re excited, right?

So come on now, I think its about time to make some new resolutions. I know its only¬†the end of August but I’ve definitely been slacking when it comes to blogging. I struggle to cram everything in my life in… and I don’t even know how because I swear all I do is sit in front of the TV watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’.

I’ve got different genres(?) of goals that I want to achieve, not just blogging. This being for health, university¬†and blogging.

Health Goals

I’ve been lucky enough to make quite good friends with a personal trainer, and he’s been giving me some small tips which have worked very well for me so far.

– Ensure I’m eating every three hours, and practically eating mostly meat and veg – its sound boring but its made life so much easier actually!

– Allow myself treats (this way I won’t feel grumpy for “screwing up”). Treats being meals out, the occasional Mcdonalds because who can live without a Mcdonalds in their life, hey!

– I don’t go to the gym yet, so I’d like to ensure I do at least 3-4 bits of exercise a week. I’ve started cycling!

– When I start university to start a gym in Birmingham, and start on weights! *muscle emoji* Reaaaally truly want to get into this one!

University Goals

As many of you may know, but for those who didn’t, I started university in Manchester last year and I just hated being so far away from home. So I actually quit mid-December and I’ve been working at New Look since. FYI, I love this job so much from the people, to the clothes, to mainly the people.

I’m starting at Birmingham City University this September to study Fashion Business and Promotion. I’m living at home and will be commuting to Birmingham. I think this is a much better option for me, I’m certainly a home gal!

– So with me living at home, my aim to make sure whenever I get some work I go straight to the library and do it (or at least start it) because I can’t concentrate with all the noises that go on at home. Me and the Liberians will become the bestest of friends.

– Make more of an effort to make friends! I had a boyfriend when I started university last year and as much as I loved chatting with him all the time, it did mean that I didn’t spend enough time actually making friends. Come at me uni friends! I need you in my life.

Theres actually not many goals for university. Its mostly make sure that I wake up early enough to get to my classes for university, do my work and make friends. Simple as, eh!

Oh, and trying to save money might help too…

Blogging Goals

– I struggle to come up with some ‘decent work’ when I’m going through a hard time. As lame as it sounds, I’ve been stressing and going through a hard time purely because I’ve felt lonely. But I’ve picked myself up now, and I’m prepared for anything! I guess, concentrating on being the best me I can be will help with creating better work.

– Giving myself time for blogging. I work shifts at New Look and I suppose the constant change of shifts tires me out and I guess I find it hard to think straight, so I go home, make dinner, put the TV on and thats my evening. If I take 30 minutes to sit on my computer and at least look at twitter, look at blogs, inspire myself, then it will help towards blogging better.

– Checking twitter everyday. Twitter is so useful for bloggers. I need to ensure I’m getting involved in conversations because I always enjoy them I just sometimes forget about twitter. Especially if I’m ‘feeling down in the dumps’.

I think the main goal for blogging to keep on with my health goals and university goals and the feel goods from them should hopefully set everything into place.

Thank you for taking your time to read this! I guess I just need openly promise myself that I’m going to do all of these. I promise!


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