My perfect partner

Is doing a post on ‘my perfect partner’ really silly? I don’t know if it is, it just feels a bit silly.. but I’m going to do it anyway. Its not a typical perfect partner post anyways. Trust me, read on..

Perfect partner roses

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I’ve been single for a couple of months now, and I’ve started talking to a few people on tinder, a few on POF [plenty of fish], and just trying to get the ball rolling a little. But I’ve found myself getting angry and bothered with a lot of people I’ve spoken to.

People just stop talking to me, like, *poooooof!* and they’re gone, suddenly, out of the blue.

I sit here sometimes wondering what I’ve done, and wonder why they have stopped talking to me? I like to put it as ‘I’m too much for them to handle’, but in the end, I think I end up annoying them so much that they run away.

This made me think that I really need to sit down properly and think about what  I want, and what I need from my perfect partner.

So what is it that I need from my perfect partner?

1. I need attention. It may sound pathetic but its true. If they’re the type to send me just three or four messages a day, it won’t work. I’m clingy and needy, I want to be on their mind constantly. [fyi, I’m not the jealous type… just the ‘I want your attention at least 70% of the time’ type.]

2. I want someone funny. I want them to make me laugh. Whats the point of being with someone who you can’t have a laugh with?

3. They need to let me have full reign of the music in the car. Or even just be into really crap chart music.

4. This isn’t a need, but I’d love someone who can cook. I’d like to come home from work and they’ve gone to the effort to cook me dinner. Or even if they don’t cook me dinner, maybe ordering in a takeaway so it’s ready for me when I get home?

5. They don’t even need to look like they’ve been carved by an angel. They just need to treat me like a queen, and make me happy.

Ahahaha, maybe I’ll put this into my profile on dating websites, and see how many people I scare away?

But in all seriousnesss. Men (or women), I just want your time, your honesty, your effort and your smile :)*

K x


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