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The 21st of November 2015 was the night I found out that I have way more emotions than I thought I did. This was the night that my older brother, Tom, proposed to his girlfriend, Laura. Tom wanted to recreate their special moment when they went to Prague a few Christmas’s ago – her side of the family lent my brother their Christmas lights, Christmas tree and Christmas reindeer and our side of the family made a beef stroganoff to go with the theme. We let my brother do the deed while we were hidden behind their gate, and then they set off fireworks as our cue to come in and surprise her.

The evening was magical. I’m not usually the type of person to say cringe things but it really did feel like ‘two families were coming together as one’. We started with a couple of drinks, bubbly included, spread throughout the whole house. As the evening went on we all ventured into the front room where music began to play and people got up to dance. A soulful, slow jazz song came on, I turned around to see Tom and Laura were slow dancing with each other looking so happy and crazily in love with each other. It was at that point when I cried. Her families took me into their arms and said “its okay, we’re a family now!” which made me cry even more. Totes emosh!

My dad and I sat down with Laura and talked ‘weddings’, just to get a gist of what sort of wedding she would like. Outside on a hot summers day by the sea, and instead of having a traditional three course meal, they’re thinking about picnic baskets full of your usual picnic favourites. dkfjsdghlag doesn’t that sound just perfect?

You know in your head you have that idea of that ‘perfect couple’ or that ‘perfect relationship’ that you want… they are that perfect couple. The first time I thought this was a day when I was standing in our kitchen looking into our back garden. Laura was being given a piggy back by Tom playing around with the cats with huge grins on their face, and you could see from a mile away how crazily in love they were. I cried then too…

To cut a beautiful long story down. Tom popped the question and she said yes! Great food, lots of alcohol and cheesy 80’s music (including the very bad dad dancing from my side of the family). Congratulations to the best couple I know. Laura and Tom.

I haven’t thought much about the wedding I want, but I do have a wedding board on my pinterest. For a long time I didn’t want to get married, but the more I’ve gotten older, the more I crave that special day. Have you thought much about the wedding you want? Or what was the wedding you have already had like?

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