My Bedroom Decor Plan

bedroom decor 1

I have recently been moved into the smallest room, which I honestly don’t mind, its just a shame that the colour of the room is bad enough to make me want to heave. Its green. Its not even a nice, sweet and pretty green.. its a GHASTLY green and what makes it even worse is the bed covers are also green. The only thing I can say is that I hate it with a passion.

My room should be my own little space, shouldn’t it? Somewhere that represents me, somewhere where I can feel myself and simply just feel comfortable in whereas now this room doesn’t make me feel comfortable at all.

We have a really colourful house, and in some ways I really like that fact that its not just beige and white, however this does make it really hard to blog/vlog. My old room was red before it was turquoise, can you imagine how hard it was to take a selfie? I just looked red from every angle all the time, and with my green room now, I always seem to look a little bit ill. What I’m trying to say is, my family would never in a million years let me paint my room white (to be fair, I’d get my foundation hands all over it so I’m okay with this) – however they would let me paint it a light grey or how dulux calls it ‘frosted steel’.

I’ve always been a minimalist myself so if I were to decorate my room I wouldn’t want a load of different colours with a lot of clutter. I’d like to have white shelves and a white wardrobe with quotes and/or black and white pictures in black frames on top of the shelves or wardrobe and a couple of girly fairy lights (I especially like the fairy lights in the mason jars!). I’d go for duvet colours which followed my white and grey, and maybe black theme. If I went for just white, I know I’d get my make up all over them therefore I like the striped covers in the mood board above as they provide a little cover up for my messy self.

Have any of you redecorated recently? What colour themes have you gone for? I’d love to see examples!


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