Mount Fuji, Birmingham

On Saturday, Mother and I went to Birmingham so I could go to my interview at Birmingham City University. After coming out of the interview I said to mum that I don’t think it could have gone any better! [On Monday I got an email saying something had changed on my UCAS, and I got given an offer and I have officially accepted it. I am going to BCU in September!] Partay!

Afterwards we went around the Bullring for a little bit, I did a lot of “window shopping” considering I am skiiiiint, and then we decided to get some food. We wanted something that weren’t too heavy, but enough to fill us up. We saw a cute little Japanese place called “Mount Fuji”, thought it would be perfect. I’ve rarely done Japanese food, so this was going to be a new one for me!

The restaurant was basically a small room with a few tables in. Big enough to feel that you aren’t being ease dropped on, but small enough so you don’t think you’re forgotten about. The waiters and waitresses were attentive without being annoyingly in your face all the time. There was so many yummy looking dishes on the menu that we spent ages trying to decide what to eat, eventually I ordered the “Beef Stir Fry “Yakiniku” Bento” which basically consists of rump beef and vegetables stir-fry & a tiny hint of spice which comes with rice, salad & pickles, while mum had a fish sushi with all the usual bits and bobs!

mount fuji1

The food came out looking gorgeous. My dish came out in a black box which gave you that “element of surprise” when you opened it. The tastes were phenomenal. The beef stir fry was gorgeous, & the side dishes that came without were also incredible. There were some beans in what looked like a peanut butter spread mix, which were actually AH-MAZ-ING.

I really don’t have a bad word to say about this place. The setting was gorgeous, the food was amazing, the staff were (not annoyingly) attentive, and I left feeling comfortably full. Anybody around Birmingham (or cardiff – it says on their website) been to “Mount Fuji”? What were your thoughts?

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