Lets talk about contraception



Contraception just seems to be one of those things we don’t really talk about. We somehow do it and get on with it, but its never openly spoken about.

The reason I say this is because I have A LOT of problems with contraception and I wonder whether its just me?

The methods I’ve tried:

The Condom

I’ve never actually had a problem with condoms. I just don’t like to trust them as my only option of contraception. I preach safe sex, but sometimes when you’re too in the moment and it all just happens, I don’t want to have to run to the pharmacy to get myself the morning after pill. Its embarrassing (and costly if they don’t think you need it). But seriously though, wear condoms.

The Pill

I tried this for a small amount of time but when you’re as forgetful as me (seriously memory of goldfish right here!) its just not a trustworthy way. If I miss a pill or two, which would have been frequently, you’d have to be extra careful during sex [ie. condoms]. This one just isn’t a reliable or easy option for me.

The Implant

The implant. Oh wow, bloody hell.. there was two things wrong with this for me. Firstly I had it in for four months, and I was on a constant period for four months. Secondly I was grumpiest, most horrible, evil creature in the whole world [granted I was a teenager at the time so that came into the mix as well]- I was so grumpy that I wouldn’t let my boyfriend touch me.. and my brother told me if I ever got it again he would move out.. I was that bad, seriously.

The Coil

The coil for a long time was no hassle at all, however it slipped not once but twice and then it disappeared altogether. The problem with it slipping is that you just don’t know whether its in the right place or not, and if you do need to get it replaced.. omg it hurts like a bitch. I just thought after it slipping twice in two years [when you’re meant to have it in for ten years] that I couldn’t hack having it changed all the time and checking that it was in the right place.

And the fact that its now gone missing. I mean, whats that about!? I’ve had to go from my GP, to the hospital for them to tell me they wouldn’t do an X-ray on me, to wait another two weeks for a referral to do an ultrasound at the hospital where they tell me that it is in fact still there, to go back to my GP to get it taken out (but obviously they can’t see the strings for it) so now I’m waiting for a referral to go back to the hospital for them to find it and take it out. So much hassle!

Current contreception

So my current contreception is the implant again (and no my brother hasn’t moved out- god dammit!)

I’ve gone back to the implant for these reasons:

– The percentage rate of getting pregnant is one of the lowest

– They have given me the pill to take with the implant to stop the bleeding [therefore I don’t have to be religious with the pills]

– Turns out being a teenager played a big part in me being evil when I had it before.


Whats contraception like for you? Have you struggled with it? Any others forms of contraception which you would recommend?


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