Tom Ford SS16 Collection

The darn sickness bug has gradually been creeping up on me. It started with a sore throat, then a cold and now I’m suffering with swollen glands as well. Anyway, I’ve been keeping up to date on the recent ‘fashion news’ and I found out about Tom Fords SS16 collection.

Tom Ford wasn’t seen at any of the fashion weeks – considering he is a massive designer, we were sure he was going to be down the catwalk with his collection at least at one of the events. However he has come up with an innovative idea to showcase his new collection! He has put his collection into a music video.

I think this idea is genius. My first thoughts are… why the hell hasn’t it been done before? Or, at least none that I am aware of! This is a great way to show off your collection to not only the ‘fashion forward’ types, but to the world. Fashion weeks are a good thing to look into and research, but not all of us are staring at the internet or the TV trying to get a glimpse of it.. a music video will ALWAYS be there or at least get attention for a longer period of time.

Using somebody as iconic as Lady Gaga is smart. I mean, how many people follow lady gaga? How many ‘little monsters’ does she have? Her little monsters will be looking at her video thinking “I want to dress like her!” or “I want to look like that!”.

Words from the man himself; “Having a runway show has become so much about the creation of imagery for online and social media and watching a filmed fashion show can be like watching a filmed play [which is never very satisfying]” – He wanted to bring excitement back into showing off his clothes, and he’s done that very well!

A question though… I feel Tom Ford can get away with doing it, because he is, you know, Tom Ford.. but if a less known designer did this, would it still work?

Whats your thoughts on the collection? The music video? The use of this celebrity?

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