Picture taken by my mother, Flickr.

Its Friday round up time! Its been a hell of a week for me.

I started a new job. I got offered another job. I had to make a decision about whats best for me.

I started a job in a salon as a hostess. Everyone was lovely, they even cut my hair on thursday for free. The pay was great! It just weren’t fashion, so when New Look called and offered me a job I couldn’t turn it down. I am now that the new gal at New Look! I’m actually really excited to get stuck in.

I’ve got a new do’. Very short at the back, but angled into a long bob. I love it, gives me that extra something something now. I’m thinking about possibly letting it grow, but my mind changes every other day so I’m sure I’ll get it all chopped off again in a couple of months.

I went to the gym on Tuesday. And omg, I definitely over worked my arms. I can’t straighten my arms at all. I feel like a t-rex. I mean, I usually quite like the ‘DOMs’ feeling, but I don’t feel like a normal human being at the moment.

I’m feeling very content with this week. Very content.

Hows yours gone down?


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