Bones: TV Series

For the last two months my mother and I have religiously been watching the American TV series called “Bones”. I thought after watching it non-stop for so long its about time I wrote a post about it.

I’m not much of a television person, and even less of a film person, however this is a series which I cannot put the remote down.

Its got to the point where mum wont let me watch any episodes without her (as in she literally goes all pouty & grumpy with me), so now when she comes back from work we end up watching four or five episodes a night.

Summary of ‘Bones’

Forensic anthropologist (AKA, bone lady), Dr Temperance Brennan from the ‘Jeffersonian Institute’ and Special Agent, Seeley Booth from the FBI work together to solve murders. Dr Temperance Brennan has an upfront, abrupt personality and is ‘tactical’ thinker, whereas Seeley Booth is more of a man who will ‘go with his gut’ with an easy going and lovable personality. Brennan and her team examine human remains and essentially finding out who killed the victim by looking at their bones.


Picture of the team on Bones. Image Link.

More Facts & Extra Info

– The character Temperance Brennan is played by Emily Deschanel, who is Zooey Deschanels sister (you know, ‘New Girl’ girl), and Seeley Booth is played by David Boreanaz who is well known for playing ‘Angel’ in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And he’s veeeery easy on the eye. FYI, I am in love with him.

– The TV programme is based on a load of books from an author named Kathy Reichs. She is also a forensic anthropologist. Kathy Reichs tends to think that her lifestyle closely mimics that of ‘Temperance Brennan’.

– The Jeffersonian Institute is a federal institution that collaborates with the FBI which actually mirrors the real-life relationship between the FBI and the Smithsonian Institution. Its probably best you click here for more information on the Smithsonian Institution as I won’t be able to explain it very well to you.

– When you think of murder/crime solving programmes you usually tend to think its going to be pretty deep shit, which to a point it is, however it does tend have some dark comedic undertones which somewhat lightens the shows intense subject matter.

Final Thoughts

I mean for a girl who doesn’t really watch much TV, I can’t put the remote down. If you haven’t watched bones before I’d definitely recommend starting it. I rave about this so much to my friends, somebody has even said “are you a rep for this programme or something? You talk about it all the time!” Its literally the life and soul of my anti-social party now. Literally a 12/10. (How many times have I said literally in this?!) You seriously need to watch it – I can’t recommend it enough.

Have you watched ‘Bones’ before? Whats your thoughts? Or is there any programmes you cant stop watching?


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