Advice for my teenage self

Advice for my teenage self

Growing up. Its funny to think that I’m what teenagers would call an ‘adult’ now. Crazy right?

I’m still living at home with my mother and still don’t know how to use a washing machine. Barely an adult clearly.

Theres many ‘mistakes’ I made when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they happened as I learnt through them. And I’m pretty sure at one point or another someone [being my mum, friends, aunties] have probably told me – but as per, I thought I knew best.

So heres some of the advice I’d give to myself if I could do teenage life all over again.

Lets start with the obvious [well if you’re a regular anyway!]

Boys [or partners, lovers]

If you’re a regular to this blog you’ll realise that boys happen to appear a lot on this blog. This is because since the age I was 14/15, they’ve always been a priority for me. As soon as I started getting ‘attention’ from boys I craved it. I’ve not been properly single since I was 16, and because of that I’m now really struggling with the idea of being alone.

Boys aren’t worth your time and that shouldn’t be all you care about. Concentrate on other things that make you happy, ex. friends, family, hobbies – and maybe even school *shock horror*

School [you’ll miss it…]

This is going to be so cliché. But you know everyone was [or is] telling you that you’ll miss high school? Trust me, you’ll miss high school. You’ll miss how laid back life was, how you didn’t have to worry about anything, how money wasn’t an issue.

Life just simply wasn’t hard back then. No matter how hard I thought it was at the time, its nothing compared to now.

Friends [or lack of]

See this one is a hard one. I, personally, learnt that friends throughout high school are NOT friends for life. They are purely your friends because you saw them five times a week.

[But at the same time, I know people who are still friends with high school buddies.]

I’ve put this one on the list because my advice is to just be careful. Friends are like boyfriends, they come and go, they are not forever.

I had a very close friend in high school, and her boyfriend forced her to choose between me and him [total arse, right?] but worse of all, she chose him over me. Is it stupid to feel heartbroken losing a friend? Anyway thats how it felt.

I’m close with my friends now, but I’m also very aware that they come and go and other things can become a priority.

Beauty [Make up + Hair]

This one is more on the lighter note. But oh my god, when I look back at pictures of me when I was in high school. Like… did I even look in the mirror before I left the house?

You know you see those posts about people saying that teenagers are missing that awkward ugly experimental teenage stage.. and its so true.

I was that girl who wore the dream matte mousse with foundation covered lips, eyes covered in black eye liner [on the waterline and around the eye], and dodgy yellow hair after experimenting with bleach.

Definitely should have listened to mum on this one.


Saying this though. Advice is a word we hear a lot, and don’t listen to. And if we got the chance to do it again, we’ll probably make the same mistakes.

What were you like growing up? Did you go through any of these problems?


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