20 random facts about me


I thought I’d do the cliche ‘Facts about me’ post, just incase you wanted to get to know me. You probably didn’t, but heres the facts anyway…

The Facts

1. My first and second name is Katie Louisa, hence Kat-Lou

2. I’m twenty two years old

3. I’ve just been offered a job to work at New Look

4. I’m looking to study Fashion Promotion at university in September

5. I want to go forward into a job within either fashion marketing, fashion buying or trend forecasting

6. I have two brothers, one older and one younger

7. I have six cats; (from oldest to youngest) Harvey, Reuben, Monty, Bertie, Luna and Teddy

8. My favourite is Bertie, but apparently you’re not meant to have favourites

9. I actually have an obsession with my phone

10. I’m trying give myself certain times a day to be on my phone

11. The only thing I’m scared of is dying

12. And maybe swans, but only a little bit (mum told me when I was younger they could break your arm)

13. My favourite perfume is Paco Rabannes’ Lady Million

14. I’ve never watched Titanic and I don’t have any plans to

15. I don’t like most alcoholic beverages

16. I can’t walk in heels, like, at all

17. I’m obsessed with sparkling flavoured water

18. I’m the messiest person, in the world, ever

19. I like generic chart/pop music, I’m not ‘original enough’ for anything else

20. I’m awesome!

Maybe you feel like you know me a little better now? We can be friends now. Yay.


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